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About Us

West-Pic Travel & Tours is a family run Tour Agency located in Niagara, North Dakota. We offer tours to cities throughout the United States and Canada. We also plan/book tours for organizations and groups. Recently, we started offering tours to Europe, Austrailia, Asia and Central America. Check them out here!



Elaine West | Co-Owner

Elaine is the co- owner and the West  half of  West-Pic Travel.  She has over 25 years of travel experience, mainly within the 50 states. She's always an expert on customer service and she enjoys meeting new people. She is married to Richard, a retired farmer, and lives near Niagara, ND on farm. She has two adult daughters and four grandchildren. 

Photo by Katie Lewis Photography

Cynthia Pic | Co-Owner

Cynthia is the daughter of Elaine and is the Pic "Peach" half of West Pic Travel. Cynthia earned degrees in Business Administraion, Business Education and  History at the University of North Dakota. She has over 23 years of travel experience, both national and international. She lives on a  farm near Niagara, ND with her husband, Allan, who farms and has two adult children, Carissa and Justin.

Photo by Katie Lewis Photography

Carissa Wirtz | Web Design & Graphic Artist

Carissa is the daughter of Cynthia and grand-daughter of Elaine.  She is a graduate of the University of North Dakota, earning degrees in German, Photography and Art History. She has several years of travel experience,  mainly international. In 2010 she married Gabriel, a foreign exchange student she met in high school.  Carissa and her husband have lived and traveled all around Europe.

Photo by Sophie Kaye Photography